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About us

Everyday people want to find adventure. Routines are helpful in getting through periods in life of trial but the need for change and adventure is essential to fulfillment. After many years of routine and having what many thought was the building of a good life, our founder decided it was time to search out adventure as opposed to waiting for adventure to find him. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic he decided to strike a different chord and blend his passions for car culture, off road racing, four wheeling, camping, and the pursuit of adventure while taking his family along for the ride. If you're not already, please head over to your favorite social media outlet and give us a quick follow on: Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.


At Aberrant Garage we like to do things a little different and we strive to showcase that in our business. Whether showcasing unique automotive creations on our social media or providing apparel that blurs the lines between something found in the pits of a Baja race and something to stay cozy in next to a fire on an overland adventure, our goal is to provide the highest quality products that fuels your individual passions.​​

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