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Our Founding Father

Aberrant Garage was founded by Anthony Espino in September of 2020. It seems as though this was very recent and while you wouldn't be wrong, the story doesn't start there. Rather, it over 20 years earlier.

From an early age, Anthony was interested in just about anything automotive. If it had an engine, he was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. It started with die cast toys and progressed to building models before he finally got his hands on a real car at the age of 14. That first car was a red 1964 VW Beetle with a sunroof and Anthony couldn't have been happier. It didn't take long for that car to receive a parking buddy in the form of a 1972 Beetle which ended up being the first car Anthony hit the streets with, setting a tone for his future.

From the time that he had those first two Bugs, the desire to have a unique creation drove him to search for ways to separate from the pack. When everyone in high school gravitated towards classic muscle cars or tuners, he sought out ways to make a VW excel off road. Growing up in California's Central Coast region offered an opportunity to be near the Oceano Dunes SVRA where he really grew a passion for off road recreation instead of living life a quarter mile at a time.

This region also provided opportunities for Anthony's family to frequently spend time camping. Being a family of 6 on a modest income didn't provide many resources for extravagant vacations to remote locations where we took to the skies. Often, vacations involved a tent or two, the family Suburban, and a utility trailer loaded down until it resembled something that the Clampett family traveled with. The beauty of this was the spirit of adventure that this instilled in Anthony that persists today. Throughout adulthood, two things have remained constant since those early teenage years. Anthony has always had the spirit of adventure and his passion for all things automotive has continued to grow. Now, he gets to pass these passions on to the next generation.

In 2008, Anthony married the love of his life, Jenny. It was only a couple of years later that 2 became 3 and before they knew it, they too had become a family of 6 after Jenny gave birth to 4 rowdy boys. Thirsting for adventure while they themselves worked hard for the American dream, Anthony recalled the fun had when camping during his youth. After having gone on a few trips early in marriage, when there were only a couple youngins to manage, camping had been something often romanticized but hardly done.

After Anthony deployed with the California Air National Guard in 2019, he committed to living his dreams and decided it was time to take the bull by the horns when it came to making dreams come true. It was at this time that Anthony had acquired the ol' family Suburban with the intent to turn it into a family off road and camping rig. He intended for it to be something between a rock crawler and overlanding rig, still blurring the lines between automotive subcultures. Anthony also discovered another way to fulfill a dream, to be connected with the world of desert racing. He connected with a team of veterans who founded Desert Vets Racing who had the mission of providing support and mental health assistance to our nation's warriors. Through his commitment to the team, he was able to finally get into a race car as the official navigator checking off a bucket list item.

All of this has culminated with the founding of Aberrant Garage. A desire to authentically support what really matters led to a series of internal reflections about what his lifestyle choices said to the world. Anthony decided that sacrificing and settling was no longer an option. He launched Aberrant Garage because he likes to do things a little different and wants to showcase that in the business. He also wants to show his boys what is possible through hard work and persistent adherence to one's values and beliefs while finding ways to give back.

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